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Propane Chillers


Tricool Thermal’s range of Green HydrocaGreen Hydrocarbon Chillersrbon Chillers

Tricool Thermal have developed their own range of Propane (R290) and Propylene (R1270) chillers.

Propane (R290) and Propylene (R1270) are naturally produced and non toxic. They produce a low global warming potential (less than 3) and are also highly efficient when compared to HFC’s.

Propane (R290) and Propylene (R1270)

Both ranges are available from 50-650kW offering a wide temperature choice of -30°C to 20°C water leaving.

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience and expertise Tricool Thermal can offer their Propane/Propylene Chiller Technology with specialist options such as low profile, low noise, atex build quality and specific size and orientation builds to suit available space on site.


Bespoke Heating and Temperature Control

Close Control
Custom Build

Pig Detectorys

HPS Standard Pig Detector

Piggable Rotomatrix

Piggable Rotomatrix Systems



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