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Piggable Rotomatrix Systems
Piggable Rotomatrix Systems


The HPS Roto-Matrix has been designed to replace traditional technology flow plates or bend panels. It offers full flexibility product distribution and Pigging from any source to any destination. This system incorporates the use of full bore hygienic Swivel Joints (Roto-Couplings) to enable each arm to be manoeuvred easily to the desired position.
Shown below is a 3 arm to 18 destinations Wine Distribution System commissioned for Marlborough Bottling  in New Zealand. The rotating arms represent infeeds from 3 independent Wineries with the connections on the Rotomatrix Frame representing Bottling Machine connections or CIP Return Paths.
The Roto-Matrix system is designed to easily accept HPS Pigging Systems. Each arm has a Launcher located directly after the pump and each destination has a Pig Receive / Return Station. Any Pig can then be sent to and returned from any destination.