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Tank ,Tank outlet valves,Complete Line Tank Equiption

We know tanks, inside out
Let us look into your tank
Building tanks? Let us be your speaking partner. Our business is tank equipment. We have the to advise you, and the most comprehensive product range on the market today. Access tank covers, agitators, cleaning equipment, valves, sight glasses and accessories to match all your needs, every.thing except the tank itself. That’s your business. Use one reliable supplier for tank equipment and save time and money.
Using tanks for processing food, beverages, dairy products, pharmaceuticals or personal care products? Our Toftejorg tank cleaning equipment is the most advanced on the market. No tank cleaning challenge is too tough for us. Because we understand your processes, the unsurpassed efficiency of our CIP solutions shortens cleaning time, cuts operating costs and improves your bottom line.
Wherever you are, the resources of Alfa Laval’s global sales, distribution, parts and service network are there to support you. We speak your language.
Think Tank. Think Alfa Laval.

completeline_tankequipment_en_img_3.jpgHigh quality tank covers give easy access whatever the tank design
•  A complete range of standard covers with approximately 50 models
•  Available in all shapes and sizes including circular, oval and rectangular models
•  Full range of pressure covers
•  Full range of covers with 3A and 3.1. certificates

Outside the tank – everything except the tank itself!
Sanitary tank equipment is our business. With the most comprehensive range of standard tank equipment components on the market and our extensive process, we are your ideal speaking partner. Together we can offer tank solutions to meet the most demanding specifications.

The name Alfa Laval is synonymous with quality. When it comes to tank equip.ment, we have everything you need, plus the to become your speaking partner on a basis. Our range includes tank covers, cleaning equipment (facing page), agitators, sight glasses, valves and a wide range of accessories.
Access tank covers
Our range of approximately 50 Access tank covers offers various shapes and sizes, including oval, circular and rectan.gular versions. The covers are designed for installation in both pressure and non.pressure vessels. Our pressure covers have 3A and and 3.1. certification. Op.tions include selection of seal materials and special surface finishes. Our HLSD manways are approved for pressures up to 10 bar and can be installed in pressure vessels above liquid level.

The Alfa Laval range of agitators includes a wide selection of equipment designed for blending relatively homogenous low.viscosity fluids, such as milk, wine, soft drinks and fruit juice.
We can also supply special versions for mixing particular kinds of high.viscosity fluids, as well as complete agitator solutions designed for use in storage and mixing tanks.
These range of agitators can be installed vertically – top.mounted (type ALT and ALTB) or bottom.mounted (type ALB) – or horizontally (type ALS). Each version can easily be configured to meet specific customer requirements such as stringent hygiene standards, low energy consumption, gentle product treatment, etc. It can also be configured for use in either atmospheric or pressurized tanks.
Sight glasses
Available in sizes to suit all needs, our range of sight glasses includes models with halogen light fittings.
We have a wide range to meet all demands. The compact design of the Unique.TO mixproof tank outlet valve allows cleaning of pipelines right up to the bottom of the tank. Our compact Unique SSV TO single seat tank outlet valve is ideal where space is limited. We also supply diaphragm tank outlet valves and butterfly valves. Our range of sampling valves includes aseptic versions such as the Keofitt valve.
Our range of tank accessories includes tank legs, and a complete range of fittings.
At point of installation…
We have an extensive portfolio of valves, pumps, pipes and fittings for fast, simple tank installation.
Alfa Laval tank equipment
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Access tank covers 
 Access tank covers
 Access tank covers (oval) Agitator ALS Agitator ALB  Tank outlet valves  Sightglasses &Tank accessories

Start a revolution in your tank
•  Increased productivity
•  Shorter cleaning cycles, higher output
•  Verification of the cleaning process
•  Improved end.product quality
•  Substantial savings in water, energy and chemical consumption
•  Less waste from the cleaning process
•  Compliance with industry standards

Inside the tank – a clean revolution!
The benefits you get in your process from using efficient tank cleaning will surprise you. Part of our tank equipment range, Toftejorg rotary systems cut cleaning time, boost overall output in your plant, and improve your bottom line. Efficient tank cleaning also enhances end.product quality.
A marriage of extensive R&D and gen.uine process, our Toftejorg rotary machines are the most advanced tank cleaning solutions available on the market today.
Cleaning with impact
During a CIP cycle, the rotating spray and jet heads propel cleaning media against the tank walls with great effi.ciency. Together, the impact of the cleaning media and the rotary motion effectively remove all residual material from the inside of the tank. The cleaning cycle is much shorter, allowing more time for production. Most important of all, your tanks are cleaned more effi.ciently than ever before! 
Lower costs, higher productivity
Rotary spray and jet heads offer un.matched cleaning speed and efficiency. They reduce consumption of chemi.cals, water and energy, at the same time minimising the volume of waste generated by the cleaning process. It all adds up to lower operating costs and a significant increase in overall plant output.
Meeting industry standards
Whatever your business, our Toftejorg tank cleaning equipment meets most hygiene requirements. We also provide all necessary machine documentation and data, such as 3.1.B, ATEX cate.gory 1 for installation in zone 0/20, Sur.face finish readings.
Let us analyse your needs. Our TRAX software simulates the performance of a Toftejorg rotary cleaning machine in your tank, before installa.tion, by illustrating detergent distribution and wetting intensity. Using this information we can determine the configuration of the equipment in your tank that will provide the highest cleaning efficiency.
The SaniJet 25 is the latest machine in the our range of tank cleaning equip.ment, the SaniJet 25 is certified by EHEDG.

Tank cleaning equipment

Whatever your process – we have the cleaning system
Consult Alfa Laval, the world’s leading company in the field of tank cleaning. Our in.depth knowledge of your process enables us to assess your needs and con.fig.ure a cost.effective CIP solution that will really make an impact on your overall output.
Breweries, beverages
The industry standard, Toftejorg rotary cleaning machines streamline every stage of the brewing process, from brew house, yeast cellar and fermenta.tion to bright beer. We can optimise CIP performance for all types of brewery vessels. Toftejorg rotary technology of.fers savings in cleaning time and chem.icals consumption. The same benefits apply to the wine and soft drink sec.tors.
Fulfilling industry hygiene requirements and manufactured in FDA compliance materials, our rotary cleaning machines are designed to face the toughest chal.lenges. These include removal of burnt residue and biofilm, elimination of cross.contamination, and cleaning tanks with agitators or baffles.
The scrubbing action of our Toftejorg rotary heads is ideal for removing stub.born residues such as yoghurt or fresh cheese. Fast and efficient cleaning of silo and storage tanks is provided by Toftejorg rotary heads. Where perma.nent cleaning machines are unsuitable, our retractable systems are the ideal solution. Our systems comply with EHEDG design requirements. 
Pharmaceuticals and self.draining, Tofte.jorg rotary machines are a highly effec.tive solution. Our sanitary product line conforms with the strictest guidelines including FDA cGMP, and EHEDG. We can provide all required product docu.mentation and data, application, or both.
Personal care
The complete coverage, rotary action and powerful impact provided by our Toftejorg rotary machines make them highly effective for cleaning viscous, foaming or thixotropic products.
A watchful eye Alfa Laval is a global company with a strong local presence worldwide. Wherever you are, our rep.resentatives are never far away – and we speak your language. Our aim is to provide delivery and support you in every way we can. We keep a watchful eye on your operation to help keep you up and running smoothly.

A resourceful partner – for tank builders and tank users
For the tank builder…
One source supplier
As a tank builder, what do you look for in an equipment supplier? Access to a complete range of equipment is impor.tant. Why waste valuable time dealing with several suppliers, when you can obtain access tank covers, cleaning equipment, agitators, sight glasses, valves and a full range of accessories from one resourceful partner? Tank equipment is our business. We have all you need.
Become an Alfa Laval partner…
Access our 24/7 online ordering sys.tem. It’s simple and efficient. Your cus.tomers can’t afford to be kept waiting. Talk to us, we have the and experience to help you solve the most challenging process problems.
A loyal business partner
We know about tanks, but we don’t build them. That’s your business. While we show end.users the benefits of Alfa Laval products through our global marketing, we sell our sanitary tank equipment through partners like you. You’ll find us a loyal business partner.

Easy to do business with
As an Alfa Laval business partner you have full access to all product informa.tion on.line 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Our simple order handling procedures are supported by our comprehensive worldwide component catalogue which makes product selec.tion and dimensioning easy.

For the tank user…
We accept any tank cleaning challenge, however tough
Whatever your industry, talk to us about your toughest tank cleaning challenges. We have the, experience and technology to pro.vide an efficient, cost.effective CIP so.lution that will save money and raise the overall output of your production opera.tion.
Once your Alfa Laval equipment is in.stalled, our offices around the world are standing by to support you with parts, service and advice. Our “Nonstop Per.formance” service commitment will give you the back.up you need to keep you up and running at all times.

Think Tank. Think Alfa Laval.
The best on the market, our advanced Toftejorg
tank cleaning systems are the result of decades
of product development and testing.