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Tanks and Vessels
Terlet develops and builds a broad range of tanks and vessels, such as (stainless) mixing tanks, cooking and cooling tanks, cooking and cooling vessels. The tanks and vessels range from 50 up to 50.000 litres with many customer specific options possible.

Markets tanks & vessels

The Terlet tanks and vessels are used in different markets , especially food (soup, sauces and fruit), pharma and chemicals markets. Our excellent knowledge of these markets, acquired in over 90 years, enables us to continuously develop innovative solutions and systems in line with market preferences.

Applications in various processes

Terlet's tanks and vessels are applied in various processes, such as mixing, cooling, cooking, evaporation, crystallisation and buffering. Applications can be combined in one efficient system.

Our experienced team looks for (or develops) the most appropriate tank or vessel design depending on the process and product characteristics and specific preconditions.

Specifications tanks and vessels
  • Atmospheric, full vacuum and/or pressure options
  • Horizontal, vertical or tiltable
  • Product/medium side SS 316/ 304
  • Other high quality SS-alloys (like Duplex) available
  • Dimple jacket guarantees quick/smooth heat transfer
  • PED, ASME U-stamp, 3A options available
  • Various agitator designs for efficient mixing and optimum heat transfer
  • Internal finish RA<0,8 µ or electropolish options

Example tanks and vessels

Examples of our (stainless) mixing tanks, cooking tanks, cooling vessels and heating vessels:

Click the pictures shown below for more information about each type.


 Sauce vessel  Horizontal vessel
 Crystallization tank  Fermentation tank
 Vacuum tank  Processing tank