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Vacuum gassing
Vacuum filling and gassing helps in the preservation of materials and thus increasing the shelf life. Terlet has been developing vacuumizing and gassing machines for more than 50 years.

Vacuumizing cans

Terlet's vacuumizing and gassing machines are designed to vacuumize and replace trapped air with inert gas in metal and composite cans. Originally this process to vacuumize cans is meant to prevent the oxydation of milkfat in contact with oxygen, but also skimmed products with valuable nutritions and vitamins are treated the same way.

The vacuumizing and gassing machines are available in different types of configurations and structures in order to meat all variations in can sizes and line speeds. Capacities of our Vacuum Gassing systems.

More info vaccuumizing powdered milk

Packaging in an inert gas atmosphere of powdered milk and powdered milk-based products, such as baby formula, takes place all over the world. How and why is our vacuumizing and gassing equipment an ideal solution to extend the shelf life of these types of products?

Powdered milk can only be kept for a limited period of time. Oxidation of the milk fat causes decay, which happens under the influence of oxygen that is present in the surrounding air (externally) or within and partly dissolved in the actual powder (internally). A solution to this problem is to dispel the air (that contains oxygen) from the packaging by means of nitrogen, carbon dioxide or a mixture of these. The process needs to replace the internal air with inert gas and the packaging is hermetically sealed afterwards. Terlet's vacuumizing and gassing equipment fully meets those requirements to achieve the desired extended shelf life of powdered milk. How does it function in more detail?

Optimim vacuumizing with Terlet

Terlet guarantees optimum processing values with air removal of up to 99.5% and a remaining oxygen content of less than 1%. Read more about these optimum process values and other advantages.

Of course, high process speed is essential for efficient operation. Depending on the actual machine, a Terlet vacuumizing and gassing unit can vacuumize and gas about 300 cans with a content of 1 lb per minute. Besides, switching to a different size of packaging hardly results in any stagnations. Adjustment times are insignificant thanks to its overall design and programmed control.