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Water (9 -18kW)
Water to 95°C (9 -18kW)



The 'T90s & T90'

(previously Combi & Thermoregulator)                                        

Able to address variable temperature production needs without pressurisation, these versatile units offer exceptional  reliability with limited maintenance.

Common industry applications:

Plastics / Injection Moulding, Food Production processes, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Jacketed Vessels.

This unit comes with the following standard features:

  • Diagnostic Controller
    Helps maintenance by showing knowledge of any faults that occur.
  • Leakstopper as standard on the T90s
    Standard feature that enables operator to stop minor leaks and carry on with production.
  • Solid State Relays
    Energy saving due to pulsing every 0.3 seconds (contractors generally every 16 seconds). Offering increased accuracy and with no moving parts wear and tear is eliminated.


  • Direct Acting Self Cleaning Solenoid Valves
    With no diaphragm this helps reduce the maintenance needed, due to the minimal manual cleaning required.
  • Large VolumeTank on the T90s
    More stable temperatures can be achieved.
  • Low Volume Tank on the T90
    Low volume individual tubular heater tanks, which reduce the liquid volume in circulation, resulting in a reduced power input required for heating.
  • Non Ferrous Internal parts
    Helps to keep the system clean, no rust from the units internal components.
  • Castors
    Enables easy manoeuvrability.

            Options available on both:

 Controller available with a number of language chips
 Switchable remote and local sensing
 Process machines protocol interface
 IP 55 rated electrical specification
 Stainless steel panels
 Various flow and pressure options
 Bespoke machines made to order
   Options for T90s:
 Tool Purge
   Options for T90:
  Increased Cooling

To book an on site demonstration please call Tricool Thermal on 0800 977 5709