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2 Way 90° CIP Ball Valve - Pig 'T' Launcher


HPS 2 Way 90° Pig Launchers provide a simple, but effective 'T' launch arrangement. This arrangement can be attached to the outlet port of the pump.
When transfer is complete the hygienic ball valve will rotate to the "Open Position", opening a path for the Pig to enter the transfer line.
The Pig is isolated in an offline housing when not in use, allowing access for Pig inspection or replacement during normal product transfer.

Fully Cleanable

A unique feature of this range of ball valves is the incorporation of inflatable silicone seals instead of traditional rigid Teflon seals. Deflation of the seals enable the valve cavity, seal face, seal to ball contact point, pig & pig launch chamber to be fully cleaned as part of any normal CIP or SIP process.


  • Standard range from 1½ to 4 inch hygienic tube diameters.
  • Metric & Schedule pipe diameters can be provided on request.
  • Can be supplied with independent cavity purge & drain ports.
  • Can be supplied with double seal arrangement.