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HPS Standard Pig Detector




  • Non-intrusive magnetic sensor
  • No mechanical parts, unlike conventional reed switches
  • Dual Pole Detection from HPS Pigs
  • Detects HPS Pigs moving at high speed or stationary
  • Compatible with industrial PLC systems
  • Inbuilt 1 second stretched output pulse to compensate for PLC scan time lag.
  • Internal range & span calibration to maximize efficiency
  • 3 Wire: 24vdc, 0vdc, PNP Signal to PLC
  • Indicators: Green - Power On, Red - Pig Detected 


The diagram below demonstrates the Pig Detector operation on passage of an HPS Pig. On approach to the Pig Detector the first magnetic pole of the Pig will be detected. As the Pig travels under the detector there will be a short period of non detection due to the null point in the centre of the Pig. As the Pig passes the detector the second magnetic pole will be detected. Note: As the HPS Pig detector has a 1 second stretched output signal you will ony observe one signal in actual operation.